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Free Medical Clinic in West Plains

WEST PLAINS, Mo.-- A group of volunteers is opening a free clinic inside the Ozarks Medical Center. The idea started when a nurse told the pastor at her church that she had time on her hands and wanted to help people. Several weeks later, a doctor told the pastor the same thing.


Since then, 19 doctors and 50 nurses agreed to volunteer their time for the West Plains Christian Clinic.

"We intend to provide the whole gamut of medical services," said Dr. John McCormack. "We have cardiologists here, we have ear, nose and throat, general surgeons; we have most of the specialties."

The clinic is set to open on July 8. It will be open for three hours on two nights every month. Volunteers hope to expand as needed. The building, the medicine, and even the computers are all donated.

"We wanted it to be faith-based but we're not pushing a denomination or religion," said clinic administrator Jo Blackburn. "We just wanted to share Christ's love with people and we wanted to provide a nice facility and treat people with dignity."

Blackburn has seen a huge outpouring of support, including from the hospital itself. It should be a symbiotic relationship . The goal of the clinic is to see patients before an emergency sends them to the hospital's emergency room. That should save the hospital the cost on its health care expenses.

"There's always been a gap in our health care system for people who don't qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, and yet can't afford insurance," said McCormack. "And we'd like to reach out to that population."

If anyone would like to donate time or equipment, call (417) 293-2040.

(Article from KY3.com)